Thursday, 28 January 2010

Heading Orc wards again...

Having been distracted by the Doctor again, or rather his Silurian adversaries,  I think I may be back on track with my WFB stuff - note to self - leave the Ogrons lurking in the lead pile alone....
Anyway, in the words of the Master,
" day I will destroy this miserable planet, and you along with it. Goodbye, Doctor!"

Not a lot, but I have another orc painted up for the SOBH warband and another 3 or so primed, inked and ready for finishing off.  I think the shield is looking a little dull but until I can think of a nice, crude, primitive image to daub across it in true Orc style it'll have to do. Also bought some old ogres and trolls off of ebay which are waiting in the paint queue, and my old 80s Wyvern keeps calling to me to strip, rebuild, repaint and rebase it... As I'm banned from spending anymore money I suppose now would be as good a time as any for getting on with it!

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